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The best high school in north-western Pennsylvania. This school holds the record for being the first high school in PA history to win 2 state championship titles in one academic year. The Lancers won PIAA-AAA Football States in December 2006, and later moved on to win the PIAA-AAA Basketball States in March 2007. The general McLane Lancers are the best school in their county, although other schools will disagree and refer to them as hicks. Little do they know that without GM's cow and chicken farms, they wouldn't have their milk, chicken and eggs to eat!
"Where do you go to school?"
"General McLane!"
"Woah, you must be really athletic and have good sportsmanship."
"Yeah, I get that a lot!"
by amanduuuuuuuuuh March 22, 2008
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The gayest high school in north-western Pennsylvannia. This school holds the record for totally out-gaying themselves more than one could have ever though physically possible. Seriously? Can you have a gayer mascot than a "lancer". Let's get real here. Being referred to as a hick should be a compliment considering all the other harsh but true words that could be said. When driving through Pennsylvannia, do yourself the biggest favor you could possibly do for yourself and skip past this town.
Greg: Is that General Mclane?
Peter: Just when I thought a town couldn't get any gayer!
by Platttttttttttttt June 13, 2008
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