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A word that is nothing, yet is everything. In the genegas game, genegas is used to replace any word you want. Keep people wondering what the meaning is. Keep changing the meaning. The first rule of the genegas game is you don't talk about the genegas game. Once someone figures it out, they are sworn to secrecy. Phonetically pronounced guh-nay-gus.
Telling someone off - "Go to genegas!" or "Go genegas yourself!"
Pointing out a hot chick - "She is so genegas" or, "check out Becky's genegas."
Explaining how badass you are - "'Cause I am genegas like that."
Letting your best friend know they have an STD - "Dude, your junk looks funky. I think you have a case of genegas. You better go see a doctor."
by MtnGoddess December 12, 2011
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