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The way in which men and women are treated or behave differently in society, either with their own gender or with each other. The changes in gender dynamics and roles in society for an individual or group can be changed by either economic standing, age and other factors.

These can either be behaviors which society doesn't question, are hidden within society and society may even be against changing. A handful of behaviors are sometimes considered negative by a portion of society whom believes it makes men and women unequal. Feminists being the most popular example of this. Though most feminists tend to ignore how gender dynamics tend to treat men unfairly as well or how they're ultimately inescapable but can be reversed or changed in a way to become different from their original form.

Other than that gender dynamics are an important part in the human experience and have been found in every society throughout history. Including our own, and will continue to be relevant in the societies our future descendants make.
Before the 21st century parents dressed young boys in frilly, typically feminine dresses and it was difficult to distinguish between boys and girls. Today a boy would be socially segregated for having long hair, proving that gender dynamics are still relevant in the hip 21st century.
by Storm M April 12, 2016
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