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The children of genx who are officially genz. They are known as gen ecstasy because their parents are the smallest generation that produced the largest generation. Their parents had a long run of creationism with late baby boomers, each other and all generations of millineals.

For example: There goes Katy's mom. Who is that cute baby she's holding? Oh that baby is Katy's little sister her mom has a twenty-two and a two year old. "OH"

They are extremely tech savvy. They don't do chat for privacy. They might say meet me at youtube video xyz have the conversation and delete it. Marketing to them is difficult because of the options they have had. For example growing up they did not listen to the radio they listened to what was on the mp3 player or streamed. Thus you have some folks listening to the seventies music, others listening to anime, and some not listening at all so they are extremely diverse, independent, and stubborn.

They have begun to enter the work force as teenagers not at McDonalds; but at media and tech conglomerates because of their knowledge of coding and skill with the internet.

In addition they are the generation that was least likely to get disciplined so you can interpret what that means to you. Example: Will Smith said he never disciplined his kids.

They are also characterized by an otherworldly beauty characterized by parents who chose/choose their partners not for money but for looks so they are hyper attractive, hyper masculine, and hyper feminine.
Two older members of gen ecstasy were discussing how they frequently get mistaken for being the parent of their younger siblings.
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by Therealbitchmouth June 26, 2018
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