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Describes someone who needs a sugar daddy to survive.
BoyA- what's a geiter?
Boy2- never heard of a "geiter" before.
by Funnyyyy February 26, 2017
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A geiter means someone or something that use to have sugar daddies Or they liked hang around older men with money and hide it from their friends.
Geiters call themselves independent all the time, though “geiters” need to remember where they started off and they won’t forget what they do in the past
Geiters do. Not. Make good friends
GirlA- She was acting like a geiter so I stopped being her friend.
GirlB- She was a geiter so she wasn’t a good friend.
Girl1- she loved being the centre of attention

Girl2- She seems like she acts like a “geiter” .
by Eeeesssstiiiigiirrl October 28, 2017
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“Geiters” are people who like to beg for money off older men and beg to sleep on their couches.
Geiters never make good friends because they only ever seem to care about themselves and they always seem to lie a lot.
“Geiters” will be your good friend oneday then the next day they only care about themselves again. Don’t fall for their trap as they don’t make good friends in life.
“She was so self obsessed and arrogant
“She must of been a Geiter”
“That explains it”
by _Exwaitress__ August 12, 2018
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