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A Gehicob (gay-cub or geico) is a male mammal, usually Mexican in origin and illegal in whichever country he resides, that spends a majority of his time dancing to mariachi music and unsuccessfully attempting to explain to women that his name is actually pronounced "Jacob".

The mating patterns of this creature is particularly fascinating as he is often observed during his reproductive peak years attempting to procreate with his own hand.

A Gehicob can be most likely found at your local Blue Martini or Home Depot. Caution must be taken to capture one but it can be lured by its uncontrollable attraction to booty and the coveted Quesarito.
Today we observe the Gehicob in it's natural habitat, blue martini. He is seen here doing his traditional mating dance, the cucaracha.
by Asianballa March 19, 2014
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