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A sad, lonely boy that gets closest to experiencing real happiness when ruining the possibility of such joy for others. He is universally despised, a sort of demon but without any of the cool horns or tail, just the rejection. He is terrified of human contact of any sort, especially women, and would actively avoid it if that were necessary. In a strange turn of luck, his personality makes that a question that answers itself.
My god, that geewally makes me want to puke up a book about crap.
by Everyone on the Whole Internet January 19, 2008
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n. Vulgar Slang
1. The female genital organs.
2. Used as a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable.
"That guy is a complete geewally!"

"What the fuck are you fucking doing?! Dicking about with the souffle when we have 30 fucking customers waiting on the main fucking course you fucking geewally!?"
Gordon Ramsay.
by Matthew Beck February 22, 2008
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