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A woman who is able to seamlessly integrate technical expertise and nerdy interests with style and femininity.

Geekish traits such as a highly creative and analytical mind, love of technology or fantasy, attention to detail, tendency to invent, passion for specific subjects and aspiration to continuously learn are balanced with a desire to avoid looking like a nerd at all costs!

Usually high achievers and working in male-dominated environments such as business, technology, computing, web design, science, medical or legal, geekbabes like to strut their stuff, dress up and ooze sexiness. They are proud of the contrast of the two sides of their personality, and at times may display extreme tendencies towards either sensitivity or extroversion.
Man, have you seen that hot geekbabe in the IT department? I got an eyeful while she was installing a gigabit network adapter for my i7.

Hire the geekbabe!: she's experienced in Search Engine Optimisation with Google Analytics certification, skilled at Advanced Excel with pivot tables and VBA, speaks 5 languages, invented a language, programs PHP, runs Star Wars conventions, heads up a Business Enterprise Network, fitted her own kitchen and is a part time make up artist and lingerie model.... ;) Phew!
by seogeekbabe August 05, 2011
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