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The most evolved species of geek, capable of disguising itself and acting as pretty much any other human.

On the outside, a geek incognito looks like an average person: those between ages 15 and 25 usually dress like any other person, go to the same parties, drink as much booze as normal people do, hang out at the same bars, and sometimes they even hook up with some girls and end up getting some pussy.

However, once they return to their homes, they become a normal geek of any kind, whether it's a sci-fi geek, an otaku / wapanese, or a nerd. Some of them keep their bedrooms clean and without any geek adornment, in order to not scare away any visitor; some of them, on the other hand, prefer to have a geeky room to express themselves.

These geeks are usually the most highly revered species among the average geekdom, thanks to their ability to make love to the opposite sex.
Person 1: Have you seen Joseph? Last time I talked to him, he claimed to have nailed this girl at a pub!
Person 2: How come!? But he's such a big geek! He has a Dollfie in his desk, his shelves are full of anime DVDs and manga books, and he has j-pop in his iPod! He's even got some pics of himself cosplaying as Kenshin Himura at Otakon!
Person 1: Then I guess he's a geek incognito. Strange, huh?
by Acoyani Garrido Sandoval October 22, 2006
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The act of disguising to others the fact that one is a geek, nerd, dork, or any other group under the classification of loser, usually for the purpose of making friends or getting pussy.

Common usage usually dictates that the loser keeping Geek Incognito is at a party or other function with many normal people around, such as a gym, strip club, etc.

Geek Incognito is a common technique among Engineering majors.
Dude, quit talking about quantum physics or you'll lose your Geek Incognito! Somebody get me another beer!
by SpeedoMask August 10, 2003
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