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British slang : Horse, used to children as horse is quite obvioulsly too difficult to say...
by ANTI CHAV CREW July 28, 2005
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British slang for horses. Used in particular in betting terms.
I won five hundred quid on the gee gees yesterday.
by aj phythian January 17, 2004
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''Good Game'' Abbreviation for GG.

Convention has it used after a match whether good or bad (Most often in computer games). By respect.

Usually the first one who writes gg in and ending battle is the signal he/she admits defeat. Commentators will usually yell ''GEE GEE!'' with great enthusiasm.
iMMVP: gg ;)

Tastosis shout: Ohhh geegee, what a game! What a comeback! bla bla bla.
by k0rpiklaani October 10, 2011
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1. Good Game. Expansion of the origional abbreviation gg. Usually said after a round, game or interval of online gaming. gee gee is said so often that it was lost all meaning and is still said even if the game was shit. That is why vgg was invented (Very Good Game). Gee Gee is also spelt as jee jee.

2. The end of a match. This meaning is normally used between players who speak face to face.
1. random1 says: gg
random2 says: gee gee
random3 says: jee jee

2. We warred these n00bs on dust2. It was liek gee gee in 2 mins.
by teh_dee February 25, 2006
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Mandarin (taiwan chinese) slang for penis.
Why, you little GEEGEE TOU! (dick head) You took my 50NT! (NT is taiwanese currency)
by Seriyo October 06, 2003
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gee gee slang tearm for horses
im off to c the gee gees
i put a bet on the gee gees today
by clare August 07, 2004
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No one is really sure what a Gee Gee is? We do know that it is the Mascot of Ottawa University and that it is normally defined as a horse used by children but that seems so friggin absurd that we have to guess no school would be assinign enough to use it as there mascot.
Carleton Rival Song

There's a hole in the city and it's name is Ottawa U,
and if you're dull and boring then it's the place for you,

and if you're into concrete and ugly buildings too Then welcome to Ottawa U 2-3-4 Fuck you, Ottawa U What? Fuck you, Ottawa U en Francais Fuckez vous Fuck you Ottawa U 2-3-4 What the fucks a Gee Gee? What the fucks a Gee Gee? What the fucks a Gee Gee? ...
by Jewtang Clan September 18, 2010
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