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another name for gabriel the angel but in ethiopean. The douchebag that everyone seems to like anyways. And even though he's not remotely attractive, he knows more girls than most other guys. But doesn't date them. Guys who don't know him that well like him. But then they get to know him and they hate him. Then they start to not be friends with him very much anymore, and start to like him again. And so there exists a vicious cycle.

Great leader, trusted, rich of friends and haters. Athletic tall to be or is.
Yo, I really hate that guy, and I don't want to be friends with him anymore. Even though I said I loved him a week ago. And how does he get some much women? He's such a Gebriel

that's my homie gebriel aka gabe aka G.L.G, thats my ride or die nigga.
booty lover
dmn why does he get so many girls? why!!!??
by kljhlkjhoiuh April 11, 2011
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