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Noun: A gay mentor for another younger/less-experienced gay. A gayru relationship is often platonic and serves as an advising role rather than as a romantic interest. Similar to a guru, but for the gays.
I wasn't sure which V-neck shirt would make my pecs more attractive to the boys, so I consulted my gayru for advice; he suggested periwinkle blue.
by THE.Inventor.Of.Gayru March 10, 2011
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!: A gay guru
2: A guru about gay-related things
Wattpad - The Point (George Squared) - Chapter 4 - Call Me Gay (Paragraph 35)
Person A (L/G/Bi): I'm a total guru at (snapping or smth)
Person B: Nope, you're a gayru
by BatShitCrazyCanadian June 17, 2018
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