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A combination of the words Gay and rainbow. Describes the rainbow widely used in gay pride celebrations, on cars with gay owners and on flags waving outside of a gay home. The gaybow is commonly straight versus the more curved rainbow shape.
Woman 1: What a pretty rainbow flag our neighbor is putting up.
Woman 2: Girl, that ain't no rainbow flag, that's a Gaybow flag!
by Tamio July 01, 2008
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A word mixed between Gay and Rainbow. Rainbow colors are often used by homosexuals to display their "gay pride". The word is often used to point out a homosexual.
Hey J, check out the gaybow in the front row.
by Tibursio March 14, 2008
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The origination of the word "gay bow" was created back in the 16'th century when I slipped and fell on my rectum. At which point I accidently said BOW...and somebody called me gay. After that, I bought a computer and typed this word to you. Thank you and please respect my rectum.
Dude, this band is so fucking gay bow that one time I fell over onto my rectum in the 16th century and someone called me Adam Whitley after he Bob Hubbaloed me in the butt. That really didn't explain much...making me kinda G.B. (Gay BOW)
by Bob Hubbalo February 06, 2005
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The gaybow is the rainbowesque pride flag. Do note the gaybow is missing the colour indigo which is present in an actual rainbow
Look at all the pretty gaybow flags out here at pride
via giphy
by Jackbills June 15, 2018
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