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1. A style of clothing, consisting of wearing t-shirts that are slightly too small (in order to make one appear more muscular), baggy shorts dreadfully in need of ironing, visible brightly colored boxers and sandals, and rope or beaded necklaces. The clothing is designed to entice teenage and college aged males to partially undress together and participate in bisexual behavior. The partial undressing is necessary in order preserve the feeling of bi- or homosexuality acquired by donning the clothes in the first place.

2. The effect on one's attitude and persona of wearing clothing from abercrombie (or hollister), identifiable most often as a reversion to teen or pre-teen behavior. This can also include a sudden urge to drop to your knees in front of another abercrombie/hollister wearing male.
"Dude let's to to Abercrombie." "Shut up bro you're makin' me horny again."

"What are you wearing bro?" "Gaybercrombie shirt, gaybercrombie jeans and no underwear." "Hot..wanna cum over?" "Yeah, long as you're wearing gaybercrombie too bro."

I can't believe nobody defined gaybercrombie yet.
by ryanatucf August 05, 2008
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