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A special drink made for the gay. Tastes about the same as Dr. Pepper (according to gay people...) and it's colored pink. It is said to increase arousement for gay people.
It's also used as a big fad in YTMND.
John and Nick drank Gay Fuel before having anal intercourse.
by torturechamber December 10, 2005
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Because it is a special drink made for the gay, and since gay is such a popular word applied to things that people find undesirable, gayfuel can be similarly applied as an interesting alternative to "sucked ass", "lame" or "homo".
1. Did you see that horrible Australian Idol winner? She was totally gayfuel.
2. I totally screwed that exam up, I gayfueled it.
3. I'm going to gayfuel the match tonight, I'm so nervous.
by GregoryHamil January 12, 2006
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Gay fuel is often defined incorrectly.

Zima is the correct term
After Benjamin and Wendell had a Zima they were ready for some rusty nail anal action.

Benjamin: Want a gay fuel friend?
Wendell: Oh! You big silly, you mean a Zima!
by Emmerson Bigguns March 15, 2006
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