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Gay Cody is like a werewolf. He comes out every full moon and stays that way forever, evolving every full moon to be gayer. You often know he's around when he starts howling his signature mating call "GUHHHAYYYYYYYY". He preys on the sick and elderly. He's often seen in the wild fingering his own butthole and licking his fingers. He is the only known werewolf of this gay nature, as he does not go to Halloween Horror Nights with his werewolf roommates. The only cure for Gay Cody is to shove a tree trunk up his ass hole, as it would satisfy his thirsty ass. If you cannot find a tree trunk, you must find a tiger to fuck his mouth and that will satisfy his mating call.
-Hey man have you seen Cody lately? I'm kind of worried about him.

-Stay away from him man, the village prostitute has informed me that he's turned into Gay Cody!

-No not again! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
by Sick Brian October 09, 2013
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