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Any music which is basically rock orientated and doesnt have airplay on radio. Doesnt matter whether the song is approved by the mighty gavin or not, it is still gavin music. If there is any electronically made sound it isnt gavin music. If its indie it isnt. If its indie faggy it isnt. Gavin in the mighty god of music. If he is pleased it is good. Is Gavin Is Good. The wiereder the video is the better the gavin music is.

Alternative metal • avant-garde metal l • crust punk • drone metaldigital hardcore • extreme metal • folk metal • funk metal • grindcore • industrial metal • metalcore • neo-classical metal • nu metal • post-metal • progressive metal • rap metal • sludge metal • symphonic metal • viking metalBlack metal • death metal • doom metal • glam metal • gothic metal • groove metal • power metal • speed metal • stoner rock • thrash metal • traditional heavy metalAboriginal rock – Afro-rock – Anatolian rock – Bhangra rock – Blues rock – Country rock – Electronic rock – Flamenco-rock – Folk rock – Funk rock – Glam punk – Indo-rock – Industrial rock – Punta rock – Raga rock – Raï rock – Rap rock – Rockabilly – Rockoson – Samba-rock – Space rock – Stoner rock – Sufi rockMelodic metalcore, mathcore, deathcore2

Post-punk revival
This video has good gavin music in it!

I listen to gavin music. Fuck electronic shit!

mmm i route whilst listening to gavin music
by 69nigel69 October 16, 2013
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