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traditionally used to describe lower class members of the south asian persuasion, usually from small towns, villages, or farms.

can also be used to describe a brown guy who:

thinks slicked back hair and mustache looks good, has a tendency to sing bollywood songs under his breath as girls walk by, bobs his head from side to side while talking, wears pastel or neon silk button downs tucked into acid-washed jeans, likes "road trips" to jackson heights at midnight, adhemently denies that he's a fob even though it's so obvious, thinks wearing netted shirts is hot, likes to say things like "tehri ma", collects cell phones from family members, thinks dancing bhangra with other men makes him irresistible to women, buys clothing with any sort of big logo on it i.e. armani exchange, has a really loud nasaly voice and says "shit" a lot to show how cool and american he is, doesn't leave home without his bluetooth, and is really really unattractive.

can also be used to describe a brown girl who:

is obsessed with shahrukh khan, doesn't leave home without eyeliner, has been getting her arms waxed since she was 12, likes "road trips" to starbucks during family parties, collects (fake) coach bags, likes to wear bright colors with head-to-toe matching accessories, adhemently denies that she's a fob even though it's so obvious, fakes an accent so she sounds like a bollywood actress, likes place dance routines for family parties so boys will look at her, tends to wear "shalwar" tops with jeans to the mall, has been getting her hair high-lighted since she was 12 but claims it's from the sun, flirts with her guy cousins in hopes that he or one of his ultra-cool fobby friends will marry her, talks really loud in a nasal voice while saying "omg he is so desi, and is really really unattractive (but not as unattractive as the guys because they are really really really unattractive.)
ramiz: "hey yar, i am going to go see the new salman khan movie with my dosts. let's go drive in my car."
saleem: "man you are so gavar."
ramiz: "my brother likes raps."
by smells like curry January 22, 2008
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