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a tasty mix of milk and gatorade.
suggested recipe calls for 2/3 of solution to be gatorade, preferably Glacier Freeze, and 1/3 to be pure milk. in fact, physically squeezing the milk out of the cow, into the gatorade, produces the best results.
it tastes quite good, sort of like a blueberry shake, but it is suggested that it is drank in the first two minutes after its production.
Penny: "The gatormilk tastes sour!"
Al: "It looks weird..."
Johnny: "Quick! You're supposed to drink it in the first two minutes after you mix the gatorade and the milk!"
Glenn: "Hurry up and drink the fucking gatormilk!!!"
Al: "That tasted like shit!"
Norm (from the bathroom): "I have diarrhea!!!!!!!!!!!"
Al: "FUCK!"

by Forty Two March 10, 2008
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