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gatoman is an internet troll that lives in a lineage 2 forum, of a lineage 2 server (l2khaos) and permanently insults everyone. He is a flaming whore that calls everyone else a spammer, lifeless moron, etc, etc, etc; but he spends all day posting, trying to flame everyone. In every post he makes he somehow manages to piss the world off (including myself), he insults everything and everyone. He is in an alliance (a group of clan -a group of people that work together- that work together) that fail at life, and at lineage 2; BUT they think they are best. In some posts he talked about he had a great life and stuff, but we (the forum) all know the poor guy has no life (literally). In every single posts he makes, he tries to act like a tough guy, but he only is an internet tough guy (yeah, one of those suckers that try to be like "hey I could beat you up in real life!"; but everyone knows he is a poor bastard that no one likes and that couldnt beat a shit). He usually uses the words rofl lil and kid , and usually insult you with the same old shit he said months ago.
me: gatoman is such a lamer
some random guy in the forum: yeah
by jam0n January 28, 2008
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