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Method of payment offered by women to pizza delivery boys and taxi drivers.
I haven't got any money. Do you take gash?
by Jonathan Rhodes August 08, 2003
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1.Alternative method of payment to Cash in Strip Clubs during private dances. Refered to ironically. The swiping of a Credit Card against a womans shaven Gash to process the payment.

2.Feminine offering; offering sex as payment as a alternative to Cash

Stipper: Do you want more?
Nick: I dont have any cash right now; can I use my Gash card instead?

Landlord: I have come to collect the rent
Karen: Im broke; do you take Gash?
Landlord: Why, yes I do.
by Homak October 21, 2011
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An expletive term showing disdain towards an object or situation.

Routes: Gashcard is made up of the two English language words 'gash' and 'card'. Whilst gash can innocently mean a lasceration to a body part (such as can be obtained by placing your finger on a broken mirror in a nightclub) in this context it refers to the 'feminine area' between a ladies legs. The word card may refer to a folded piece of processed tree mash popularly distributed on occasions such as birthdays, christenings and the winter solstice.

Many believe that the word gashcard came into popular usage through the failed invention of the gashcard by Diners Card in 2001. This was a system developed for legal prostitues in New South Wales, Australia as an alternative to cash. The system simply involved a chip and pin machine being integrated into the vagina of prostitues. Although it was universally agreed that this was a safe and beneficially way for ladies of the night to receive their funds it was discarded after innitial focus groups felt that mutilation of the vagina was unethical. Concerns were also voiced as to whether the 'gashcard' machine may one day gain artificial intelligence and the project was scrapped due to fear that the 'robopussy' (slang) may one day become the worlds dominant race.

Today gashcard is commonly used to describe something unpleasant or 'sick'. However this is not sick meaning ill meaning bad meaning good. This is just sick.
1) 'What do you reckon to the new Bon Jovi album man?'
'Ahh mate, it's well gashcard'

2)'Sorry I can't make it out tonight'
'ahh man, that's gashcard'

3) 'I can't take any holiday for the next 4 months. It's proper gashcard'
by Chris Over March 03, 2008
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