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An amazing lead singer to the band Snow Patrol. He is a great song writter and has writen for Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls. He writes about lost and broken love, as well as some foggy nights in the local pub. He seems to be quite a romatic and lover. Very in touch wtih his emotions. There also seems to be a lot of hurt and pain in his heart, like he feels like he has messed to many things up. He misses a lot of his old girl friends, and it sometimes hurts to sing older songs that he no longer relates to, but does for his die hard fans. I think I may loose my verginity to this amazing man. I will keep you posted on this dream of mine.
Gary Lightbody was not too sober last night, but he still had a good gig, he is quite the comedian you know.
by Ms. Lightbody January 24, 2008
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Lead vocal and guitarist of amazing Glasgow-based band Snow Patrol. Born in Belfast, Ireland, he was first inspired by music from bands such as Nirvana, Sebadoh, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, ACDC, The Pixies, and many others. He met bassist Mark McClelland in college at Dundee University (Scotland) and started their band 'Polar Bear'. Graduated from Dundee in 1998 majoring in English. After college, he and Mark met drummer Jonny Quinn and soon had to change their name from 'Polar Bear' to 'Snow Patrol' due to legal issues. Now residing in Glasgow, Scotland, their third album 'Final Straw' has given them the oppurtunity to tour the world. He's also responsible for the creation of glaswegian-super-group The Reindeer Section.
Gary Lightbody does amazing acoustic performances!
by prpltrtl December 09, 2004
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Gary Lightbody is the Irish born, lead singer of the band Snow Patrol. Gary is often praised for is inspiring lyrical verses as well as his stellar musical abilities. Up until 2010 Gary had previously kept his personal life private, and Until marrying his wife , Youtube sensation and model Vanessa Di Staulo had never openly discussed his relationships. In a January 2011 interview with the U.K based magazine "Urban Beatz" Gary Said "Vanessa is, was and will continue to be the light in my life, and the love of my life. I was never a happier man than on the day that she took me as her groom. She is the most beautiful woman in the world and I am eternally grateful to her for giving me her love". It was reported by London's "Daily Mail" that Gary proposed to Vanessa in the Scottish countryside with a 46 carat tiffany cut ring, through the medium of skywriting. The couple currently reside in a castle in the Northern Highlands of Scotland with their 3 dogs Ian, Ryan and Jake.
Gary Lightbody is very talented and his wife Vanessa is a very lucky woman.

Gary Lightbody's band Snow Patrol gain great popularity for its unique sound and touching lyrics.
by Shemanduhhhh March 28, 2011
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