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Originated from "caravan" in the 1840's in famine times in Ireland, to get out of the country. This was shortened to garvan by these travellers or "knackers" to name their children when caravans went out of fashion.
Hey boss, someone stole my garvan!!!
by Jason Beirne November 02, 2005
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A tall, friendly guy, normally come off as a "douche". When you get to know him his bubbly personality is hard to match. Normally very good at sports. But quite thick in the classroom. You will mainly meet a Garvan while doing a sport of some sort. A Garvan tends to stay in long relationships. Normally has long blonde hair and is from Nothern/Eastern Europe. Garvan also hates everything about technology he couldn't turn on a light bulb if he tried.
Who is that running laps at this hour? Garvan who else?
by User123898789769769726111 December 15, 2013
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