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noun: A refrigerator shaped Chinese-Nica with excessive diarrhea of the mouth; a jinx; black-cloud (person); a woman (i.e. usually older) that convinces her underage boyfriend to move out of his well-to-do parents' house and into a slum in Sweetwater.

to be garranchoed (verb): To have a spell of bad luck resulting from the effects of a garrancho (noun). May include, but is not limited to, having your heart broken, being cheated on with a gardner, losing your scholarship, getting kicked out of school, living in a slum, alcoholism, self-medication, being arrested for outstanding traffic fines, etc.; to spend an excessive amount of money on a garrancho, which may result in your getting kicked out of school and having to work at Java City.
Guy 1: Yo, did you hear what happened to Billy?
Guy 2: No?
Guy 1: He had so many unpaid tickets that he was arrested!
Guy 2: Dirty, he got garranchoed!
by Joan el Catala October 31, 2007
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