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A dude who grew up in Garland but has never seen to need to travel outside the city-lines unless to purchase liquor or travel to ghetto clubs in downtown Dallas.

A Garland Bro has:

1) Never been on an airplane and has no interest in such things.
2) No idea where Brazil, or any other country is, or what "Wi-Fi" or the "Pathogenic Theorem" is.
3) A 90s car with big rims and "GARLAND" in old-English letters in the back window of their car.

4) A GED but professes to have graduated from Garland HS, or South Garland HS.
5) An absurd number of pictures on Facebook taken with a Blackberry of them holding 40s, wads of cash, or both.
6) Fifteen to twenty pairs of basketball shorts, but never plays basketball.
A: Hey, what ever happened to Luke or Javier?
B: I'm not sure, I lost track of them after I moved to Dallas.
C: I heard there are total Garland Bros, they have an apartment off main street next to the high school..
A&B: Oh.....
by AlanSGU May 16, 2011
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