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Its just known as "The Parkway". People who've driven here know that 65 mph really means 80. When someone cuts you off, give them the horn AND the finger. Its okay. They're supposed to be used to it. People who hate are the stupid asses that don't live in Jersey who got their asses ran over by someone who actually knows how to drive.

And no one calls it the GSP.
Someone from another place: I'm going to drive on the garden state parkway.

New Jerseyean: Its just "The Parkway."
by dts. August 19, 2009
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Poor excuse for a major highway; however, driving this road is a classic experience unique to New Jerseyans.
The only thing that I find good about the GSP is minimal toll fees. And laughing about your horrible experiences afterwards with friends.
by Rachal May 30, 2003
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