A quality establishment located in Alden, PA. They have the best Cheesesteaks and the coldest Bud. And the Bud is always fresh, cause the Nanticoke scumbags drink 5 halves a day.
Live entertainment every night, too! Like Rose telling you about the girl who can suck cock but can't slice meat.
Steph and Maggie went to the Parkway to find some hot Nanticokians. They didn't find any.
by Jim April 15, 2005
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Abbreviation of New Jersey's Garden State Parkway, the main artery connecting North Jersey to the Jersey Shore. Engineered and contructed in the 1950's, it encompasses 172 exits over a course of 174 miles. There is a average of 3 tolls per county and toll rates range from 35 - 70 cents. Consistantly one of the safest and user-friendly roads in the nation. Highlights include Watch Hill and the PNC Bank Arts Center, Atlantic City, and the Brigantine Inlet. Invaluable to local teenagers.
Instead of wasting away on Route 18, I'm just gonna hop on the Parkway to go back home to New York.
by illtac October 16, 2005
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The realest hood in broward, this hood get more money then any hood in broward💪🏾, 7️⃣9️⃣4️⃣!
Im from parkway💪🏾.
by parkwayhussler💪🏾 October 29, 2020
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Parkway, FBA, is a Neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale area that is well-Known as a Training area for Teens who wish to get jobs in the Government after graduation. Parkway is 345-600 Acres of land between Sunrise Blvd, and Broward Blvd, on the New Pomatic River near the Swap Shop. Most thugs and gang members know it by "794". It is real near Deepside in Lauderhill.

Parkway is a very quiet and well policed down neighborhood.
Im going to Parkway to work our.
Hey my doug, I represent 794 Parkway.
by E.D Griffith October 14, 2013
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Parkway is a hood located in Broward county Florida and is one of the richest hoods in Broward full of go getters. 794 is what they rep.
I’m from the way 794.

Parkway 794


by Parkway October 14, 2020
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A parkway is a highway where your car is moving so slow that you could actually put it in park.
I was coming home from the fireworks at Jones Beach, and I sat on the meadowbrook parkway for about 20 minutes in the same spot. I put my car in park.
by blahblu March 21, 2006
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1)referred to as "highway" in some areas
2)a place to drive your car at high speed limits; is often confused with DRIVEway
by Jebus July 5, 2003
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