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garage rock of the 2000s. Labeled by the media as garage rock revival for it gaining mainstream interest again. but there have been different revivals in garage rock going threw the 50s,60s,70s. Starting around 2000 to 2001. Bands like the strokes,the white stripes,the hives and the vines are the first four bands to get mainstream success. This sound is on the alt-rock side of things so with there success they thankfully kicked nu-metal off the alt-rock stations. Also imo along with post-punk revival the best rock genres of the 2000s.
Garage rock (2000s) are also the libertines,black rebel motorcycle club,the D4,yeah yeah yeahs,the von bondies,the datsuns,arctic monkeys,kings of leon,the black keys,cage the elephant,twin berlin,harlem,the soft pack exc exc
by sage thunder November 20, 2010
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