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A gangster devil (GD) is one who possesses both the abilities and demeanor of a gangster while being seductive and mischievous like the devil. GDs like to celebrate their respective nationalities: for example, Mexican GDs serve Modelo cervezas during their meetings; Canadian GDs have pancakes with extra maple syrup. Whenever possible, gangster devils will unite and work together. GDs readily sense one another's presence and often communicate non verbally. BEWARE OF CONGREGATING GANGSTER DEVILS. The biggest challenge that comes from dealing with GDs is not recognizing them from the start. They are chameleons and experts in disguising their identities. This is done in a plethora of ways, from constantly sipping on hot tea and having snacks at the ready, to adorning their bodies with head-to-toe Ninja Turtle attire. Not looking like a gangster devil is THE key to being a gangster devil, so if someone or something (yes, thing. GDness runs in all animal species) looks too cute and acts too sweet... you probably have a gangster devil on your hands. GDs are very furtive about their allegiances. Not only will they deny it, they will distract you with earthly pleasures to make you forget you considered it. Thus is the nature of the gangster devil- impishly charming their way through your life. So far, the only cure that has been found is adaptation aka the only way to beat a gangster devil is to become one yourself. That is why awareness is key, to stop the cycle before it starts.
"The teacher had no idea her best student was cheating on her exam; what a gangster devil."
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by Notagangsterdevil March 06, 2017
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