In cuban slang, it refers to a slap on the face.
"Te voy a dar tremenda galleta si no te callas la boca"
by Yeinier Gonzalez April 16, 2008
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synonym of cracker

comes from the spanish word meaning cookie
Buying from QVC? You galleta!
by thenameisdita June 21, 2004
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Se usa cuando se le pone mucho entusiasmo a alguna actividad...

vamos equipo, echenle galleta!
Mexican idiom which literally means “throw cookie” but you use it as “Come on” It’s used when you put a lot of enthusiasm to some activity ...
by Lil flamin chriz March 31, 2018
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a fat fucker of a man who loves eating more than sex or being in the state of "existence" itself... it can be used for both males and females... but for could try "miss galleta" or better "miss galleto". :D
that girl is such a mister galleta...
by zeke from abo land September 11, 2003
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