the smell of gak off yer one!

she emits a distinct aroma of cervical discharge..
by scabbard=mucus December 07, 2009
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1) Usually a form of displeasure, as if someone were to yoink the last chip and leave you with nothing

2) The funny sound people make RIGHT before vomiting.

(1a) "Gak! That's my chip bitch!"

(2a) "Oh man... GAK! (hurk)"
by Zhunter March 14, 2007
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1. random word to shout
2. don't have anything to say? say GAK
Guy 1-walks through door-

Guy 2:Hey what up?

Guy 1:GAK!!!
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A word used when you are unable to make yourself say anything else. A bit like a stunned silence, without the dignity of actually staying silent.
Leisha: OMG there's Justin Beiber!
Justin Beiber: Hey sexy lady.
Leisha: GAK !
Justin Beiber: Wow, you're a retarded fan who is too stunned to say anything because of my amazing hair.
Leisha: GAK !
by aaaaFiance July 04, 2010
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Slang for the description of something dirty or undesirable.
I'm not wearing that shirt, it's gak.
by Olis June 02, 2005
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