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(guh-HAY-guhn) -ned, -ning
1. (get) gahaganned: to lose a contest of skill with components of luck due to a highly improbable event (< 5%) sought by your opponent as his/her only meens of victory.
2. (more general) to be demoralized in any way.
3. (with inannimate objects) to render worthless by complete and utter destruction.
4. a gahaganning: a defeat or desctruction by improbable event as described above.
Holy shit you got gahaganned on that par five, he couldn't even see the hole. I can't believe he would intentionnally play the ball off a tree. But to sink it? Wow.

Dallas received a thorough gahagganing by Memphis the other day when Atkins sank back to back threes from past half court with only seconds left to play.

Dude, you gahaganned my phone! I meen, backing over it is one thing, but sticking it in the microwave? I think you have a mental illness of some kind.
by William H Blake January 23, 2007
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