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Yet another word for the male penis. Can be substituted for:
Pennis the Menace
The Ramburglar
The Giving Tree
Acorn Andy
Johnny Come Early
Third Arm of Justice
The Zipper Ripper
Everybody Loves the Nubbin
Lance Wyoming
Gertrude Frankenstein
The Exxon Valdenis
Tony the Hustler
The Littlest Traffic Cop
Abdullah (the Tent Maker)
Donald Pump
Admiral James T. Cock
President Johnson
Kaptain Kielbasa
Old Drizzly
Federal Love Project
Chief of Staff
Pope John Pole III
Thor's Hammer
King Leer
The Molten Mushroom
The Powerprawn
Scepter of Sordidness
Horseman of the Ahumpalypse
Regurgitator of Rejuvenation
E.T.'s Stinkfinger
Niagara Balls
Meat Maelstrom
Trembling Torpedo
King Ohyeah
Buster McThunderstick
Madeleine Albright
The Viscount of Veins
The New York Post
Winnie the Cock
The Sixth Beatle
The True Cross
The Fleshy Winnebago
The Squinty Blowpop
The Slim Reaper
Jack Kerouwacker
The Naughtiest Cardinal
Master's Pincushion
Ouch, i just got my gadoidle caught in the tiger's mouth

Guy 1 - what'd you do with chrissy last night?
Guy 2 - Let's just say my gadoidle had one hell of a night
by C Troiano March 02, 2006
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