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G19 is a Glock 19 compact 15rd 9mm very accurate and extremely reliable handgun. The order of Glocks in 9mm are G17 which is the full-sized and most common in the law enforcement world, G18 which is unavailable in the USA and is a select full-auto pistol, the G19 which is currently probably the most common Glock 9mm in the civilian market. It's compact frame and high magazine capacity makes it a dream intermediate round chambered pistol. The smallest of Glock's 9mm's is the G26 (subcompact). This small 10+1 capacity firearm is decent, but still heavy and bulky. 9mm is a lot of ppl's favorite round bc of manageable recoil, effectiveness, and reliability. ALL Glocks are loved for simplicity, accuracy, and ultimate reliability.
Are u bringing your G19 or G30?
A: My 19, can get more rounds off more accurately.
by M0th3r Fuck3t October 7, 2013
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