A: she has a nice göt
B: would u fuck her?
by ERiO September 08, 2006
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1). Swedish slang for butt (ass)
2). Something that's good
3). "Back that ass"

(all of the above are foreign slang)
Backa göten!
"(Back that ass)"
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
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A slang word first used by the Danish rap group "based boys" in the song "shake din göt".

The word has been argued to originate from both the Turkish and Swedish language.

The word translate to "ass" or "butt"
Shake your göt.
by Charlesnoscreen March 28, 2018
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A phrase commonly used by millenials in Denmark. It means to go do something else, than what you're currently doing
Cmon guys, lets go fläk en göt, this is getting boring
by dengodeperke November 28, 2017
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