Short for 'Game of Thrones', an HBO show based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.
Holy shit, can you believe what happened on last night's GoT?
by Joffrey Baratheon September 04, 2011
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Ebonics way of saying "got." Also used to say "has to." Derived from the word "gotta" taken from “got to.”
"I gots me a new car." Possessive version.

"Gots teeth in yo mouth so my dicks gots to fit!" Both possessive and "has to" versions.
by IceWarm March 23, 2004
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When one is the victim of a crime, esp. robbery, murder
"That nigga Tyrone got got last night."
"My house was robbed last week, them niggas got me!"
by E.J. Barrois September 05, 2005
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gots is a negative word that can be used in many contexts.
'why is he so gots?'

'did you see X Factor last night?'
'nah, its a gots programme'

'Donal is so gots'

'you coming out this weekend?'
'nah, gots bruv'
by kalamonline8 March 23, 2017
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1). Swedish slang for butt (ass)
2). Something that's good
3). "Back that ass"

(all of the above are foreign slang)
Backa göten!
"(Back that ass)"
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
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stands for going out tonight/go out tonight
asking whether they are available for a good time
yo tyrone, you GOT?
"damn, jeremy let's just got"
by ashpreshmij December 06, 2011
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