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A sexual act involving a person preforming oral sex on a male. After the male achieves climax from the oral stimulation, he then punches the giver in the stomach in order to force seman up through and out of the nose creating the distinct tusks of the fuzzy walrus.
Dude I totally gave Erin a fuzzy walrus last night, it just shot out of her nose
by Viking Of The West Coast October 21, 2007
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You ejaculate on a fat girls face, then quickly rip out your pubic hair and throw it on her.
I just came on this girl then threw pubes on her. it was awesome. Made her look like a fuzzy walrus.
by TheHairyMammal June 06, 2009
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When hooking up with a girl who has a fuzzy vagina from not shaving for a couple of days, you take a shit in her vagina, and then eat it out.
Bro, i gave this girl the meatiest Fuzzy Walrus last night.

No way! How was it?

It tasted like shit!
by Josh F. October 29, 2007
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