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A "cutesy" slang for furry, a person who has an obsession, hobby, or association with animal humanoids, usually possessing fur, animal ears, tails, noses, and eyes.

1. Used as a joke to refer to a young, or odd furry like individual, usually met in an online chat room, discord server, or game lobby.

2. Used by other furries to seem cute or bliss to the subject being talked to, usually in a very 2nd hand embarrassing method, or to try and seem romantic.
1. Bret: Who is this guy we invited earlier?
Bob: I don't know, but he keeps talking like a dumbass furfag
Jill: He's a fuwwy owo
Bret: That's disgusting

2. Cumlover69: Hey, any fuwwys in here that want some cock?
Limegreenwolf: Mmm~ I wuv cummies UwU
Petergrabber10: I'm a fuwwy, of course I'd wuv ur cock
Bob: What am I doing here with all these degenerate furries?
by Wehrmacht's Spine June 09, 2018
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