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The word funwaa comes from its slogan, “forget gumwaa, have funwaa”. Gum means ‘sadness’ in Hindi, and waa is a slang term. So the slogan translates to “forget sadness, have fun”.

Reddit, being reddit, made it a joke with r/Gumcels, a parody of the infamous sub, complete with (ironic) self-loathing and terminology. It also became a meme of its own on r/comedycemetery, of which is a staple source.
Person 1: Forget gumwaa have funwaa!
Person 2: Fuck off you god damn motherfucking funcel get the fuck off my subreddit
Person 1: >:(

As you can see here Person 1 was trolled ebin style by the gumcel, the internet is gumcel territory after all...
by Chad Potato Finklehiemer May 15, 2018
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