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A linecloth which used to make Japanese traditional underwears for men. It was originally brought from China in history long ago, but now it becomes a part of Japanese culture, and most chinese don't know this already. Some Japanese men wear fundoshi for their summer festivals, and some of them wear it for swimming. It is very rare to see any males wearing fundoshi in Japan nowadays due to their westernlized society. However, there are still some Japanese who enjoy their own culture and wear fundoshi as their daily underwears. There are many kinds of fundoshis, such as roku-shaku fundoshi..etc. In some situation, fundoshi also refers to T-back underwears.
A: Hey, dude, you know fundoshi from Japan?
B: Ya, I know, it is cool cuz samurai used to wear it.
by Rookies December 04, 2007
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Sumo Wrestler Underwear.

Shows off your bulge for the ladies
Hard To Find
Embarrising to wear
Hard To Tie
Guy 1:Yo bro i just bought a fundoshi and im going to show it off to the ladies"
Guy 2:Good Luck Trying to tie it.
by MysteriousD May 23, 2010
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