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all mixed up, confused, unable to concentrate. The pronunciation rhymes with dune-a-boo-less. The derivation is from the 1980s in NYC, where they was a performance space called Café Funambules. Funambules means tightrope walker in French. A person who was offering free tix to attend performances could barely speak English, let alone French. He tried desperately and miserably to pronounce the word and, after stuttering and hemming and hawing, came out with "Foo-a-boo-less. I have remembered it ever since and when I get completely f'ed up, I always say that I am funabuless. It is a very evocative word, n'est-ce pas?
"I can't find my keys, my watch, my dog. I am totally funabuless today."
by scoogy and fat tyler March 13, 2012
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