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shoes that are $5 at rite aid. they come in black, tan, and dark blue and are slip ons kind of like grandma shoes.

my school wears them because theres so many rich girls and boys who buy thousand dollar shoes and walk around thinking they're amazing...well me and my friends don't have that kind of money and we're not looking to buy something that's way overpriced just to show how much we can pay for someting (not saying they're not nice but NO shoes are worth that much). we're doing the exact opposite. take pride in being broke!!

basically...making a trend out of something to show all the people that think you have to rinse your bank account on cool clothes...we're just way too cool to spend that much on something to cover your feet.

plus they're just 2 cool! haha

oh yea and it's not just a scene thing cool people wear them too!
im spending my money on weed and then buying some fun steps, BITCH!
by Angelacia September 30, 2007
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The shoes that scene kids wear. They get them for FIVE DOLLARS at Rite Aidz! Livin on da edge! You ain't scene if you don't have these.
RobotGunsGoVoip: I luhhzzz my fun steps!
XxFuneralxLovexxX: OMGZZZZ!!one11!!one!!.period. kthanx.
RobotGunsGoVoip: STFU!!!!!
by xXSc33n3Xx November 13, 2005
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A new genre of EDM music that blends Trap and Dubstep; Welcome to Funstep!
Many of the songs released by Prism Recordings artists are called Funstep!
by prismrecordings January 09, 2016
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