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(1) (Adj.) very attractive
(2) (Adj.) very good
synonymous with "off the hook", "off the chain", and "cool".
Check out that whip, that shit is fully built.

Brazilian chicks are fully built.
by NahFaSho May 04, 2006
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A word used by people who have little or no experience with engines to attempt to describe how much work has been done to their motor. It usually implies they have done all the work possible to their motor and it is now at its maximum potential. Their credentials usually include having watched one or more of the Fast and Furious movies, several times. Although automotive engineers are constantly "building" and rebuilding their engines to improve performance, the people who use the term "fully built" feel their motor has reached its maximum potential after swapping out their cam gear with an awesome looking blue one they saw in Modified Mag. Additionally, the people who use this term will often detail all of the modifications (carefully noting the brand name) to their car even though all you asked them was: "What do you drive?"
Me: Ok I'll meet you there. What kind of car do you drive so I know what to look for?
Them: I drive a fully built 89 Honda Civic slammed 4.25 inches with Eibach springs, 18" konig Rims, Wings West Voltex Body Kit, K&N cold air intake, AEM cams, and a JL Audio system that sound like I got king kong in the trunk
by location404 April 23, 2010
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fully built

The term Fully Built has been in the Gear head vernacular sense the mid 60s and implies something has been improved for high performance, or to withstand harsh use. Important to note: Although this would suggest something could be fullerly built, the adverb "fully" does not imply completion, or reaching a point of "maximum potential". Ultimately a more accurate term might be "modified within my budget, and skill, but I'm trying ot downplay there's room for more improvement." Fully Built now has a more universal application, but traditionally was used in hotrod car culture. Though also used in the import tuner community, it's often meant as derogatory eg. "That boy's snap on body kit is fully built hella fresh."
The new girl in school appears to be fully built, I think I'll move on her before someone else gets on that.
by Datsun510zen January 18, 2017
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