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also spelt full sun.
nct's haechan/donghyuck. 해 means sun and 찬 means to be filled with/full, so fullsun is just a literal translation of his stage name.
NCTzen: Fullsun... my newest bias wrecker... I love his voice sm asdjkalfjdsf
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by sighkick May 28, 2019
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Haechan's nickname. His stage name is “Haechan” or 해찬 in korean.
Hae (해) means “Sun” while Chan (찬) means “to be filled with” or “full” so that’s why he’s also called as “Full Sun”.
A: Haechan is an amazing singer! His tone of voice really is something else!
B: I know right! Full Sun is amazing!
by hyucksbabie June 17, 2019
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