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1:When you take a shit in a toilet (or in any other bowl type nick nack or patiwack), and the shit grows and grows into a monsterous pile of previous ontrays and proceeds to consume your testicals within it, turning your balls into a two-timer winston cruncher, not a plesent sight for the average capone. And for the structure it would be a pyramid as in the famous great pyramids of egypt and a tomb for many fantasies to come.
Terrintino: Hey Quinten! Come see this Full pyramid i just layed all over your quarter pound chicken club sandwiches!

Quinten:DAMIT TERRINTINO WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONGE WITH YOU! whats next? are u going to pull a full pyromid over my bucket of fresh rodeo picked salad grapes?

Marcus: ya what next! the lobster bisque i just had for semi brunch in a two time tuesday?

Quinten: who the fuck are you?

terrintino: ya who are you...

Marcus:You never saw me ok *wink* *wink*

by Dwayne Delaney August 12, 2006
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