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The absolutely hideous style in which you approach an object of sexual desire, causing nearby people...nay...literally all 7.25 billion people on this glorious blue/green orb hurling through space to take note of not just your style of speech, but your physical composition and your level of perspiration and leading to the entire human population to reconsider what is and isn't appropriate in the delicate and perpetual dance we call mating.
Yuh, girl, did you see that dude's fugform on that girl over there just chillin. let's ensure that kind of behavior is effectively weeded out of humanity by never sleeping with men of that ilk, causing their kind to be weeded out through evolution.

Hey, did you see that dude at the VBP academy trying to hook up with that other intern. Dude brought straight fugform.
by ryanapplebaum March 14, 2017
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