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The act of putting ones nipple in the sexual partners ass. The partner then proceeds to lick the nipple, with the shit being prominent on the nipple.
That fudge nipple was quite weird.
I will suck your vagina if you give me a fudgenipple
by Sparky13 March 03, 2009
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what some people may say, instead of saying fuck. usually when mad, or trying to be funny.
Mrs. Lutz: you failed the tested Melika

Melika: What the Fudge Nipples!!
''suck my fudge nipples''
by jay38 March 20, 2010
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Fudge nipples are basically large erect, almost square, nipples!
MARK "Brrr.. Its cold today dude!" BRIAN "ah mate.. check out Marys fudge nipples, would sure like to suck on those babies"
by I'm anon dude! April 25, 2008
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