the INCORRECT name for dubstep; made popular early in 2011 and all the trendy hipsters became familiar with dubstep, and started making all those ridiculous youtube comments about how "filthy" it is...and consider anything with a wobble bass dubstep, and anything without it, not dubstep.
random person: uhhh what?
hipster: you know....fuckstep, dubstep...duh
random person: you're a moron you know that
hipster: whatever *turns on Skrillex*
random person: ....i hate people
by bgriff00 August 18, 2011
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Music that uses a large amount of bass for its pitches, much like dubstep, but is made to have sex during the song.
Yo last night me and my girlfriend were having sex and were listening to fuckstep.
by The_Original524 April 06, 2011
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