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A fuckrollhole is a special type of fuck. They are the biggest of all fucks. This person is not only annoying, but they are such an asshole that only this word can be used to describe them. They typically think they know it all and like to put down others and laugh (behind their backs or to their faces). If you ever meet one, avoid them. You will be a victim of their viciousness.

This is the ranking system, fuck being the lowest and fuckrollhole being the highest.

A fuckrollhole is very similar to a fuckhole, only worse.
Typically these people are men, average height and build. The ones that are good looking will laugh in your face. The ones that are gingers are ruthless.
Common names of fuckrollholes:
Joe, Chris, Jon, Dylan, Matt, Jason, Jeff, Nick, Corey, Cameron, Tony, Jack
Chris: Let's go eat
You: Okay, where should we meet?
Chris: I'm already in the cafeteria
You: you're a fuckrollhole

Joe: You're fat
Girl: *jaw drops*
Joe: Tell me I'm wrong
by TheMasterCommander February 19, 2015
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