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(fù-kòng-kur) adj., from 'fuckonquer'

A portmanteau of the words 'fuck' and 'conquer'. The state of being supremely inebriated; on the brink of a syncopal episode.

Other synonyms not listed below: hammed, hamboned, hammerboned, shmammerboned, shitfaced, shitty, fried, blitzed, blotto, bombed, cockeyed, crocked, fuddled, juiced, lit, loaded, pickled, pie-eyed, slopped, sloshed, soaked, soused, sozzled, squiffed, steaming, stewed, stiff, stinko, tanked up, three sheets to the wind, buzzed, sober, straight, square
Alex drank the entire 30 rack over the past 4 hours, did a strikeout, and is now fuckonquered on the floor over there.
by Rageface McGee November 07, 2010
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