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noun /fəkˈfektə/ - A collective reference to an unspecified or varying amount of elements (usually humans) that come together, exist, or are present at the same time or place, either directly or indirectly afflicting their audience. Such an audience typically responds by experiencing and/or exuding anger, annoyance, contempt, impatience, or surprise as a result.

Not to be confused nor substituted with the more generic, over-arching term fuckfest, which is typically inclusive of the overall environment.

::/ A derivative of the quantifying "trifecta", derived from the horse-betting term "perfecta", the shortened version of "perfecta quinella", which has to do with betting and ball games in 1940s Spanish America. Language is weird.
Nah I never saw that message; I started ignoring the group text shortly after Heather added the fuckfecta.

The party was lit AF until it was invaded by the fuckfecta of broskis downing brewskis.

Q. What are you doing tonight?
A. Avoiding the fuckfecta that is Mason and cheese.
by Raddhatter March 30, 2017
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